Spring bloom is located in a gated community with a cozy and safe environment approximately 3000 square feet, with a teeny-tiny touch of an animal kingdom. Redefining play-time, we at spring bloom encourage each child to discover their own way of learning. A young one’s mind is like an empty slate and we aim at imprinting it with wonderful childhood memories.we involve children in various well-structured activities and concepts with learning opportunities.

Why is spring bloom special from other school:
We give individual attention to every child.we involve children in various well-structured activities and games that induce physical and mental exercise.In an interactive environment, we enable every child to learn, explore, experiment and create! So what are you waiting for,step into our wonderland n let your child's imagination go frolicking while your little ones bloom into beautiful flowers.

At SB, we believe one very important skill set that needs to be fostered in a child is social competence.We nurture this facet in children through the medium of educational cinema.At each session an age appropriate movie will be shown, followed by discussion.After every movie session,we help the child to share their views and feelings about what they saw,these kind of discussion encourages the children to form opinions on their own and develop their language skills, thinking skills and also helps in building their confidence level and never be scared to speak up.

Education is no longer boring when technology meets reality.At spring bloom we use both traditional flash cards and 4d+flash cards which helps to stimulate the toddlers brain as proven by the research.Kids at spring bloom experience the next level of learning, they get to experience four dimensional world.Moreover, they may enhance their learning abilities through fun and interactive media.They can touch, listen, turn the screen, explore and observe the animals.Kids can witness how the animals come alive in their hands.

General knowledge, will help the children to relate and understand the varied facets of the world.So how does one help the child improve G.k?.Well, it is not a overnight thing.It is a slow and gradual process.The mantra is to feed in the curious mind with more and more knowledge, whereby the hunger of knowing more keeps increasing.And the efforts have to be begun during early education.

Phonics is the basic reading instruction that teaches children the relationship between letters and sounds.Phonics teaches children to use these relationships to speak and spell new words.This method once mastered helps the child read efficiently and effectively.Brace yourselves,for your child might be the next William Shakespeare in the making!

Children learn by using their senses and art is a great learning tool from very early age.Its a very sensory hands on experience and children learn best when learning involves their senses.Art and craft activities develop hand-eye coordination.Holding a paint brush, cutting with scissors, modelling with playdough, smearing paint on paper all this helps in fostering their creative thinking and also enhance mental physical and emotional growth.

Children all over the world love listening to stories.By telling the children stories that come with a meaningful message, we definitely inculcate qualities like wisdom, courage, honesty, etc. from an early age into your little one.Listening to a story helps a child imagine the characters, places, plot etc. instead of seeing it on a visual medium.This also enhances creativity, making them more imaginative and open to ideas and free thinking.

Show and tell in the classroom can help strengthen children’s oral skills, especially if it is a structured activity.Show and tell helps foster public speaking skills and helps children feel comfortable with talking in front of a group of peers.Show and tell can open up doors to making new friends. Once a child has gone through his show and tell, other kids may want to talk to him about it.

Puppet shows are a natural and fun extension of the pretend play that young children engage in so readily. It is an ideal springboard for developing speaking and listening skills.Children often communicate more easily with puppets, giving them confidence to express their ideas and feelings.So come one come all for the puppet show, the stories are about fruits, vegetables animals and a lot more.